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06 May 2010 @ 11:53 am
so, let's see...

here's a general summary of the work done/to do this week: stats hw, 15-pg paper (turned in wednesday night), grading lab quizzes and papers for my labs, grading 30-40 lab notebooks, field trip class final (wednesday), electron microscopy final (in an hour or two...), reefs final (friday). yeah, fun...

well, at least 48 hours from now, i'll be in minneapolis, getting ready to board my plane for cleveland! plan on seeing jen (adamson) for a while, and then gonna get picked up by focaccia (elena). gonna hang out in ohio (where it'll be warm! omg!), go to wooster graduation, go to familiar places and restaurants (zomg! panera!), and generally have a good time. w00t!

until then, i have to finish off the other half of that list of work to do before i leave (omg, grading notebooks is gonna suck!)

and don't worry gillyweed (gillian): i'll bring you your delightful montana beef jerky! and i'll have gotten it with no sales tax, ooooh...

aw crap, sales tax... forgot about that... and the time change is gonna be brutal for a day or two, heh...

and i really want to watch bollywood, lol

ta ta
Current Music: Main Hoon Don - Shaan
28 April 2010 @ 02:13 pm
hmm, musical discoveries of the past month: the beatles and pink floyd (i knew some pink floyd, but i have a better appreciation now). and, of course, bollywood!

so, a rough idea of my summer plans:

may 8-16: going to wooster for graduation!

mid-june: trip to seattle and vancouver! so excited! and i'm gonna see the pacific ocean and see killer whales for the first time ever!

early july: potential fieldwork? depends on funding...

mid/mid-late july through mid-august: driving back east. of course, i plan to stop by the ville (at least once or twice), do a bunch of lexy stuff, going to new hampshire for family stuff, and i'm planning on going to the dci world championships in indianapolis! then i'll drive back to montana and continue slaving away...
Current Music: High Hopes - Pink Floyd
07 April 2010 @ 06:54 pm
well, it's been an effing long time since i've posted on this site. so, what to say?...

well, i'm in montana. lol, exciting...

just recently went on a geology camping trip to utah, new mexico, colorado, etc. omg, it was so much fun! i had a kick-ass van full of crazy people. and of course, geologists love their beer! i fit right in with a bottle of rum, lol... and sadly, since i never drink, i'm technically kind of a lightweight...

can't tell you much about missoula since i never go out and explore it. hopefully i'll get around to that soon... meanwhile, i can definitely tell you it's erm, different...

meh, that's all for now. got a crapload of work to finish. ta ta
07 March 2010 @ 04:20 pm
ok, i know it's after the olympics and taht this commercial was played like, a billion times, but still:

the mcdonalds commercial where the guy is talking to the kids hockey team he coaches, when he was "you played like olympians, and now you get to eat like olympians"

um, right... that's pretty much a "HELL NO"

like any sane olympian is going to subject their body to that trash?! i'm assuming they follow fairly decent diets, and any definition of "decent diet" means no mcdonalds (or fast food in general...)


ta ta
11 October 2009 @ 10:54 pm
ugh, you know what's wrong with society today? everyone has become too hypersensitive about things

for example, this stupid video

also, the fact that we people are too sue-happy. why have get-rich schemes turned to such stupidity like suing mcdonalds over spilling coffee on yourself

the customer is not always right

another brilliant example of human stupidity. so... yeah. ta ta
01 October 2009 @ 11:17 am

You Should Have Medium Length Hair

You are easygoing and friendly. You don't get hung up on little details, and you're content.

Your hair tells people that you are low maintenance and flexible. You don't need a lot to be happy.

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14 September 2009 @ 10:01 pm
thank you apple for your airport extreme, for now i finally have wireless access!

last night i had a weird dream of an angel-bono hybrid (basically, angel from buffy singing like bono) can you tell that i've been watching too much angel? lol...

ta ta
08 September 2009 @ 09:08 pm
hey all. yeah, i know, i haven't been on lj in like, forever

for those of you who don't know, i'm in montana for grad school. it's gorgeous out here! and lately, it's been fricking cold (yesterday had a high of 64°...)

unlike wooster, i actually have full days on campus. i either come in and work (mostly stuff with these triassic fossils right now, like id's and latex casts) and go to class, or it's ice versa. my days are generally 9-5, then i'll come back to the house and zone out, sleep, supposedly do hw (lol...) btw, digital cable is the shiznit! i'll be getting it installed in my room soon since the main upstairs tv (upstairs girls, downstairs boys) doesn't have working closed captioning... no way i can watch house, bones, dollhouse, and (sadly) american pregnant without closed captioning!

and i like, totally love netflix and bollywood movies. gonna listen to the om shanti om soundtrack after this (and maybe attempt some hw before turning in?)

the router in my house hates my compy. like, i haven't been able to wirelessly connect in the mont+ i've been here. after a day or two of looking everywhere online and my housemate calling customer support, i gave up and decided to buy a new router once my loan comes in

and speaking of loans, hopefully it'll come in soon so i can go grocery shopping, buy new jeans, pay off the credit card for textbooks, pay for gsa convention in portland (no travel fees, whee!) buy plane tickets home, buy the router, put money on the commuter meal plan, get some fall gear (hoodies!), etc. basically, i'm living mega frugally on a box of pasta and desperately waiting for the fricking check *grumbles...* i just want my mail! i believe i have some belated b-day gifts coming in (dvds, whee!) so... yeah...

everyone in the geology grad program seems nice, but it's only the start. we'll see if we've had enough of each other after a while, heh... it's kind of intimidating, since like, half of them are married and most waited for a while before going to grad school (i only know of one other student fresh out of undergrad)

man, i definetly miss foccacia (elena). and it figures that she would never answer the phone during her senior year, heh. and of course, buffyfest with you gillybean! (no idea where that came from... would you prefer gillyweed? harry potter reference? lol...)

anyways, gonna charge this compy (love my laptop!) before it's deader than spike/angel/edward/etc

ta ta
01 September 2009 @ 09:41 pm
bollywood movies are awesome. that's all i have to say
23 June 2009 @ 07:22 am
ugh, i've already forgotten what it's like living in a dorm, especially with a roomie and these god-awful showers...

for those who don't know, i'm at a paleo convention at the university of cincinnati, and i'm staying in the dorms for it. well, on the plus side, it's air-conditioned... on the downside, there's this fricking hill i have to walk up and down several times a day (the walk to the convention center is exhausting... it's ridiculous)

let's see, the showers have a personal vendetta against people. like, seriously. they temperatures are fine, but the water pressure is at least twice that of what should be considered as safe... like, i can't actually stand directly in the shower because the water flow is that strong. the only part of my body that can handle it are my hands, and it stings even for those too... it's a water missile, designed to carve your skin... but anyways, seriously, they hurt. a lot.

and lastly, a roomie... she's alright, keeps to herself, etc. not a terrible roomie. she's just a bit key-happy. like, constantly locking the door for anything. i just got back from the shower to find the door was locked (luckily she was in the bathroom too) and that bugged the hell out of me (no way i was going around in a towel to find someone to let me back in) honestly, you don't need to lock our door for every little departure you make, or even with both people inside...

ugh, and i keep on forgetting how exhausting conventions can be... i'm sore today cause my bed is firmer than i like it. i'm tired from walking around all day listening to people talk. etc...

well, off to tire me out some more. ta ta